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Living in the Revelation of The Last Day Message

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A Few Words from Our Pastor Don Johnson

The Bible says in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God. That was the beginning of God unfolding Himself, His thoughts, becoming Word. God placed man on the earth for many reasons. One of those reasons was that He could have fellowship. As Elohim, the eternal spirit, the Father, He dwelt alone. In spirit form, He couldn’t have fellowship. Nor could He be touched, seen or expressed as He desired. The scripture says no man has seen God at any time. Nor will any men ever see God. Why? Because you can’t see a spirit. So God made flesh Man, so we could see God, touch, God, talk to Him, and fellowship with Him. God became man to enjoy His creation, He became one of them.


Another reason God created man was so He could express His attributes. He wanted to be a savior, so man in the fall made way for God to express His attribute as a savior. His attribute is His thought. Then, when he speaks His thought, it becomes Word, then the Word comes to manifestation. Thus God is expressed to Man and in Man. Oh, He wanted to be many things, King, Judge, Savior, Healer, Father, Son, Husband, on and on we could go. Before creation, He wasn’t even God, he was just the eternal spirit dwelling alone. The word "God" means object of worship. There was nothing to worship Him, so He couldn’t be God yet. Then He created the angels, and they worship him continually. He became God and creator. God unfolding Himself.


And since Genesis, He has been letting His word out little by little in every age, making Himself known more and more. Until we come to Jesus Christ, the fullness of the Godhead bodily in a man, the full expression of God in one man. Up until then it was a part of God in Moses, a part in Abraham, a part in each one expressing God’s nature and characteristic. God, making covenant after covenant with man to show His love for man, to express His desire, His thoughts, His character.


Now the world knows we are in the last days. The apostle Paul, speaking of the last days, 2000 years ago. He was pointing to our day and the events that have come to pass in this hour. One of the great signs is Isreal in her homeland. Only God could put her there, and it fulfilled much prophecy for the last days. But the greatest sign was that God sent us a prophet as promised by the scripture. And in Revelations 10:7, Malachi 4:5-6, Luke 7:26-30, Amos 3:7, yes God sent us a prophet as a great or greater than any prophet ever sent by God. And as all other prophets were rejected and persecuted even to death by the religious people of the age, so was our prophet rejected in every way. In recent years there have been more negative things said and written about God's Messenger than good. But it doesn’t take away from the supernatural visitation that God has gave us in this hour.


Even our Lord Himself was rejected. It doesn’t change the fact that God used a man to heal the sick, raise the dead, open, blinded eyes. Praise be to God, but the greatest thing is, He opened to us the scripture. Revealed the word of this day as he was doing in part down through the ages. Now the fullness of himself revealed. The whole book of Revelation was a mystery to us. It was symbols and signs, mystery after mystery. But Revelation 10:1-7 promised every mystery would be revealed and so it has been done. And Brother, Sister that is the purpose of this website, to share the ministry of Jesus Christ in the seventh church age messenger, William Marrion Branham.


And when the seventh age ended to share the ministry of Jesus Christ in His Bride, God promised to reveal Himself and His wife, the Bride, without spot or wrinkle in the last days. The Bride stands perfect, justified in the site of God, she bears His righteousness and His sinless nature. Please feel free to share your heart and ask questions you may have.

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